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Token Distribution

Allocated: 150 Million LALA

Total = 250 Million LALA

LALA intends to raise 15,000 ETH from the Pre-ICO and the ICO for further expansion, development and other growth activities

Allocated: 37.5 Million LALA

Total = 250 Million LALA

Founders, early backers and development team will be rewarded with LALA Tokens for their efforts and resources contributed to the development of LALA World Ecosystem and held in a pro-rata lock-in contract for at least 6 months

Allocated: 25 Million LALA

Total = 250 Million LALA

These LALA Will be granted to advisors, consultants and also used for bounty programmes and community initiatives to reward developers and will be locked in a pro-rata smart contract for 6 months

Allocated: 37.5 Million LALA

Total: 250 Million LALA

Reserves may be used for community development, to incentivise the adoption of LALA and underlying technology, academic research, education, and market expansion and if need arises it can also be used for future token sale.

Token Sale Timeline

25 November, 2017

09 P.M. SGT

Registration Opens & Presale Begins

15 December, 2017

09 P.M. SGT

Registration Closes & Presale Ends

5 January, 2018

09 P.M. SGT

Public Sale Begins

5 February, 2018

09 P.M. SGT

Public Sale Ends

( Hardcap already reached,
ICO is closed Now )

Token Economics

LALA Transfer

Send money domestically or internationally by using LALA Tokens at very little fee and receive rewards as well.

LALA Billpay

International bill payments can be done in LALA tokens and be eligible for rewards for more and more transactions

LALA Lends

LALA Token holders will have quick loan disbursements at lower interest rates and qualify for other micro lending schemes.


LALA Token holders who refer other users to the LALA Wallet will gain another set of free Tokens and also get a share of the transactional revenue for every person referred by them, for life as long as they continue to hold LALA Tokens


LALA investors (short term and long term) will be able to participate and lend their tokens to community projects at attractive interest rates. They can also borrow fiat or other crypto against other LALA Tokens.


LALA long term investors can choose and vote for various community projects, including their own charities for helping this ecosystem as well as put forward their own communities that they want to support.

Every LALA Token holder will get some rewards for number of transactions, amount of transactions - weekly, monthly sales all in form of LALA tokens.